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You wouldn't think it was hard to find

Unfortunately, it is; that part you need is going to take all month to get, including going from shop to shop until you find someone who has it. It's going to be a difficult process that will keep your truck or trailer stuck in the garage until you find it.


Or you can come to us, and we'll find that part for you quickly, efficiently, and then go right to the important part of the process: getting the repairs done.

  • Domestic truck parts

  • Foreign truck parts

  • Obscure truck parts

  • Part ordering service

  • NAPA service

Services include:

We use NAPA products

We use only the finest NAPA products to keep you on the road. They're not the only products we use, but we consider them the first line of defense between you and a busted vehicle.

You need a service that cares about you and your needs. Besides parts, get repairs for your truck or trailer. Get better CAT Scale service, and visit our convenience store. Call today for more information.

Call today us for more information

Call today for more information. We may be able to help you find that impossible to find part.



Since 1979, we've been helping you stay out of the shop and back on the road.

You should ask us about our no excuses guarantee.

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